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GLOCK is an Austrian company famous for producing hand guns. These hand guns are famous for providing amazing precision along with neat safety features. These guns are popular among law enforcement authorities, among seasoned and professional sport shooters, and also among people who carry guns with them (legally). 

Most GLOCK reviews all over the internet are from police officers or shootes who give their personal reviews. And all these reviews list out a number of positives that can be found in different models of these handguns.

Simple Structure

One of the plus points that are laid out in these reviews is that the structure of these handguns is rather simple and minimalistic when they are compared to complex assembly of other handguns.

Police officers and other law enforcement authorities would prefer a handgun to be simple when disassembling the gun on field work as this takes less time, the risk of misplacing or fitting parts wrongly is less, and fewer parts are easier on the eye and reduce the weight of the pistol.

Light Weight and Rock Hard Durability

When talking about the weight of the pistol, you find another plus point in the material used to build the frame of the pistol. Polymer is the substance used. Polymer has two advantages – it is comparatively lighter than other handguns and the material is much more durable.

The handgun is further bolstered by the ingenious treatment of Tenifer on the metal parts of the gun.  Tenifer is tough, tough as a diamond. This treatment is like oxide, it gives a protective covering to the surface.

But this protective covering is not what you would think the all black and simple coating of the handguns is. The handguns are purely no nonsense pistols. They are very efficient, durable, and precise, and they do not entertain show off. All GLOCK handguns have a black, opposite of beautiful, design. This black, unattractive pistol gears itself for the worst possible wear and tear, such is the advantage.

And well, when you’re right in the midst of action, unless your crime scene is to be filmed into an action movie, a glossy, chic, and attractive handgun is not a necessity.


The safety issues of GLOCK handguns are well taken care of. The trigger, contrary to the popular scare of handgun triggers, will not go off if the handgun falls on the floor or it takes a bump or a jolt.

Unless and until you put your finger on the trigger and pull it off, it won’t go off. Now it is up to you to take care that your fingers don’t itch to play with the trigger, which I believe will not be the case with any responsible carrier of a weapon.

The cartridge space is tighter and there are very less chances of it slipping down. But at the same time it is very comfortable as it is easy for you to load and unload quickly. Carrying the gun in a good, safety assuring holster, either manufactured by GLOCK or a different company, will quell fears of firing off the gun accidentally.

This way you can carry your pistol to a camping trip, or casually in the city, legally of course.

Most Popular Variants of GLOCK Handguns

The most famous handgun model is the .9mm GLOCK 17, a semi-automatic pistol, and the first pistol the formerly curtain rod producing Austrian company launched for the Austrian Army in the 1980’s. Other famous handguns are the GLOCK 18 & 19, both .9mm semi automatic pistols. And the most popular of the .40 caliber range are GLOCK 22 & 23.

GLOCK is the Best Buy

Tension killing safety, diamond hard durability, amazing precision and various models make GLOCK the best pistols the market has to offer.

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