Savage 99 Sporting Rifle

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With a historical background in mind, it would be good to know about a firearm that was made and produced in the posterior end of the 19th century, which goes by the name of Savage 99.

Savage 99, and its predecessors, the 1895 and 1899 all happened to be from a series of lever action rifles, which had been created by the Savage Arms Co in Utica, New York.

The Savage 99 was the immediate sequel to the Savage 1895, which happened to be the first hammerless lever action rifle that was produced by this company. The design was an improvement over the previous versions, and reduced the amount of time needed for locking; a term that refers to the time from the trigger pull to the firing. With such a feature, the rifle would be more accurate at the shot. The hammerless design had another advantage, as it was less likely to get jammed in clothing.

At one point in time, a version of the Savage 1895 was offered to the U.S. Army, when they were looking for an adequate replacement for the Springfield model 1873 trap door rifle. The rifle was named 1895 because of its production coinciding with the same year, and after modifications, it was renamed Savage 1899.

The two previous versions, 1895 and 1899 had a rotary magazine that could hold the cartridges. Such a magazine use a spring loaded spool that is filled with grooves to hold and secure the cartridges. 1899, took good advantage of the spool to indicate how many shots or bullets were left in the magazine. This model went on for some years before it was replaced with a detachable magazine.

The best feature about the Savage 99 would have to be the rotating magazine, which is a trademark of this company. The rotating magazine allows for the use of Spitzer-type bullets. Once incorporated, such bullets would bring about a lot of effectiveness (ballistically-speaking).

Previous lever action rifles all had magazines that were tubular. Another safety feature that has been incorporated in the Savage 99 would have been the feature indicating when the rifle is loaded. This has been done by incorporating a small pin above the top receiver, to indicate the rifle was ready to fire and had been loaded.

With the Savage 99, you get the advantage of a rotating magazine, which is a feature that is located inside the gun. People have been extremely pleased with the Savage 99.

Recent models no longer have the rotating magazine, as a removable clip has been substituted.

In America, craftsmanship, along with originality is well appreciated.

Calibers range from 250-300 to .358 Winchester.

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